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A child’s imagination is the beginning of a wonderful journey. In light of this we believe that training and empowerment goes a long way in inspiring the hearts of children to become whatsoever they desire. We encourage children to recognize their abilities and skills fine tuning them for success.

Omega Generation

OMEGA GENERATION is a Youth and Young Adults Group with members from various backgrounds and demographics that aim to touch the lives of everyone by spreading the love of Jesus in all that we do. We welcome new members with open arms and strive to develop all that will accept the challenge of being agents of change in their community.


Omega hosts regular gatherings on Friday nights with social and recreational events. Our core mission is to develop and mentor young leaders, foster life skills and passions of members while encouraging a strong personal relationship with God. We can be found volunteering in the City of Hamilton with an objective to build a strong community presence. 


Omega Generation is constantly growing and desires to expand by affecting an even greater population of the City of Hamilton.  We devote time to impact and inspire the youth and young adults through powerful, practical and interactive sessions while also facilitating events that will develop the whole entity of the members.





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